Albuquerque Pipeline Explosion Property Damage Lawyer

When pipeline explosions occur, ignited gas can send flames hundreds of feet into the air. In addition to causing catastrophic injuries, gas explosions can also result in the destruction of private property near the explosion site.

Albuquerque Pipeline Explosion Property Damage Attorney

If a pipeline explosion has caused your house to catch on fire or damaged your property in any way, you may be entitled to recover compensation. Property damage resulting from a catastrophic explosion might include loss of furniture, loss of personal belongings and clothing, damage to your vehicle, structural damage, and restoration costs.

Environmental damage is another factor to consider after a pipeline explosion. When pipelines rupture, thousands of gallons of gasoline or fuel oil may be released into marshland, lakes, and rivers near the site of the accident. The contamination of water sources can have a harmful effect on residents in the area, particularly if the water sources are used for drinking water or recreational purposes. Soil and water contamination due to pipeline explosions can also lead to the destruction of plants and wildlife. Fires caused by the explosion can destroy trees, wildlife, and critical habitats.

If your home or property was damaged after a pipeline explosion, you deserve fair compensation for your losses. Our Albuquerque pipeline explosion lawyers at the Branch Law Firm will work to determine who is responsible for the property damage you suffered. Potentially liable parties include the company that owned the pipeline and the company responsible for maintaining it. The complex federal and state regulations that apply to gas pipelines will play a role in determining liability for your property damage claim. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.