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Shoulder Pain Pumps

Albuquerque Shoulder Pain Pump Lawyers Shoulder Pain Pump Injuries in New Mexico What Are Shoulder Pain Pumps?

Shoulder pain pumps are a popular alternative to narcotics for pain control following arthroscopic shoulder surgery. Shoulder pain pumps are small, flexible, plastic catheters that are temporarily attached to the shoulder joint. Pain medication is then pumped through the catheter and delivered directly to the joint. In addition to providing direct relief, the pumps have also been shown to increase the effectiveness of other pain medication used during the arthroscopic procedure.

Doctors have used shoulder pain pumps for years as the preferred method of pain management.

Shoulder Pain Pumps Linked to PAGCL

Recent studies have linked shoulder pain pumps to painful side effects and an often-debilitating condition known as Postarthroscopic Glenohumeral Chondrolysis (PAGCL). PAGCL is characterized by the deterioration of shoulder cartilage, possibly as the result of the shoulder pain pumps delivering such a high concentration of painkillers to the shoulder joint. PAGCL can cause permanent shoulder damage.

Symptoms of PAGCL include:

  • Weakened shoulder strength
  • Continuous shoulder pain
  • Shoulder stiffness
  • Limited range of shoulder movement
  • Shoulder joint grinding/popping

No cure exists for PAGCL. The only option for treatment is more surgery. However, often surgery cannot fully repair the shoulder joint damage. Many people who suffer PAGCL are never able to regain full shoulder use and movement.

If you or a loved one is suffering from shoulder injuries, including those associated with shoulder pain pump usage and PAGCL, please seek immediate medical attention.

Branch Law Firm represents all people have experienced shoulder joint damage as the result of the use of shoulder pain pumps during surgery. If you or someone you loved has suffered shoulder damage or think you may have PAGCL please call 1-800-828-4529 for a free consultation.

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