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Medical staff is responsible for detecting and promptly responding to fetal distress during pregnancy and especially during the birthing process.

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When an Albuquerque birth injury involves issues of fetal monitoring, you may have a medical malpractice case for compensation. Contact the Branch Law Firm today for a free consultation. 

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What Is Fetal Distress?

Fetal distress is a severe condition referring to situations where a baby is not doing well, either in utero or during the childbirth process. The problem is often a sign that the baby’s brain is not getting enough oxygen, and it must be addressed promptly. Almost always, signs of fetal distress call for an immediate or emergency C-section. Sometimes, if a natural birth is close to complete, a vaginal delivery can proceed. 

Fetal distress is its own condition in and of itself, but it can also be caused by a number of other things, such as: 

If fetal distress is not corrected immediately, the consequences can be tragic. Many infants suffer a serious, often permanent, neurologic or intellectual disability, and others do not survive. 

Failure to Detect Fetal Distress

Physicians and other medical professionals who fail to respond to fetal distress promptly can be guilty of medical malpractice. Fetal distress injuries are often caused when medical professionals fail to perform the following:

Some of the common signs of fetal distress can include very low or very high maternal weight gain, reduced kick count, meconium-stained amniotic fluid, abnormal fetal heart patterns, abnormal blood gases, and more. 

Why You Need an Albuquerque Fetal Distress Lawyer

Preventable fetal distress-related injuries are devastating and can be life-altering for both the infant and the parents. However, proving that your child’s condition is the direct result of medical malpractice can be difficult. In a moment when you are likely experiencing intense anger and frustration, you must focus on gathering evidence to prove liability. 

That’s where an Alburquerque fetal distress lawyer will step in so that you can focus on your child and family. They will handle all aspects of your claim and gather the critical evidence you need to link your child’s injury to the medical professional’s failure to monitor or act upon fetal distress symptoms. 

Your Albuquerque fetal distress attorney will also hire medical experts to testify to the acceptable standard of care and how the medical professional deviated from it, as well as gather the necessary documentation to prove your financial and other losses. Your child may require extensive future medical care, suffer from physical pain, and your family may lose income. With so much on the line, it is crucial that your baby and family receive help from a dedicated and experienced Albuquerque fetal distress attorney. Having professional representation will ensure your best interests are fought for.

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