Albuquerque Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Due to the weight, power, and size of delivery trucks, they can cause serious injuries to victims when they are involved in an accident. If you or a loved one was injured in a crash with a delivery truck in Albuquerque, contact the Branch Law Firm today. For a free consultation, fill out our contact form online or call (505) 243-3500.

Why Choose Our Albuquerque Delivery Truck Accident Attorney?

Why You Need a Delivery Truck Accident Lawyer

Seeking professional counsel from a lawyer experienced in litigating delivery truck accident claims can make a huge difference in the amount of compensation you recover. You may have experienced considerable physical and emotional pain, in addition to large medical bills and costs for vehicle repairs. Having an Albuquerque delivery truck accident lawyer investigate your case, gather evidence, and handle negotiations with the insurance company will ensure you recover enough compensation to fully cover the extent of your current and future losses.

Who is Liable When a Delivery Truck Causes Injuries in Albuquerque?

In general, delivery truck drivers’ employers are liable when an accident is caused by an employee – provided that the delivery truck driver’s negligent behavior was unintentional and occurred while they were completing a task that was within the scope of the driver’s employment.

Delivery companies often attempt to escape liability by claiming the driver was not acting “within the scope of employment” when the accident took place. Whether or not this defense will work, depends on a few factors that determine if a delivery truck driver was, in fact, acting within the scope of their employment or not. Those include:

Delivery companies may also argue that they are not liable because the driver is an independent contractor. Again, this defense will only be viable in certain cases, depending on the circumstances and how much control the driver has over their work schedule.

Common Causes of Delivery Truck Accidents

There is a wide variety of reasons as to why a delivery truck accident may occur. Some of the most common causes are:

Delivery truck accidents can lead to serious, life-threatening injuries, even if they were traveling at low speeds. Victims may suffer a traumatic brain injury, head trauma, neck or back injury, internal injuries, etc. All of which can require a lifetime of medical care.

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