Auto Collisions

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A car crash takes only seconds, but a car accident injury can last a lifetime. At the Branch Law Firm®, our car collision attorneys understand the needs of injured people. We know the difficulty of dealing with a loss and, at the same time, having to fight the insurance adjustor for what you need. If you or someone you love was injured in a car accident due to someone else’s negligence, call the Branch Law Firm® for a free consultation with an auto collision lawyer. Let us help you get the medical care that you need.

Auto Collision Lawsuits

We handle auto collision cases that involve

Dealing with Car Insurance Companies

The insurance companies that are hired to pay your settlement or award will do their best to minimize your insurance claims. It is their job. If you face the claims adjustor alone, you may not get all the compensation that you need in order to recover and pay your outstanding medical bills.

In order to prevent that from happening, we work hard to build your case. Just because the injured person is able to walk and talk does not mean that his or her life is the same. With brain injuries especially, detecting them can be difficult. It is vitally important to demonstrate to a jury just how much an injured person’s life is dramatically different than it was before the accident. With over 40 years of personal injury cases behind us, we know how to do this.

Whether your collision was on an interstate highway or back country road, we pursue all possible insurance coverage that may be available. Do not leave your medical treatment to chance. Call us today to find out more.