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Car Accidents

Margaret Branch is an Albuquerque car accident lawyer. She and the Branch Law Firm have been advocating the rights of car accident victims for over forty years. Some of the things Margaret Branch and the Branch Law Firm have learned about car accidents are set forth below:

  1. Everyone has car accidents. No one is immune from car accidents. No matter how smart, rich, pretty or careful you may be, car accidents happen to everyone. If you were in a car accident in Albuquerque, you need an experienced lawyer.
  2. Insurance adjusters are not your friends in car accident cases. Adjusters get paid bonuses when they settle car accident cases for less than what the car accident case was initially valued. Insurance adjusters can take advantage of you as the victim in car accident cases. They take advantage by not giving you the maximum amount of value for your car accident.
  3. Reserves are placed by insurance companies on car accidents by insurance companies. In car accident cases, insurance companies place a limited value on the car accident case. When presented with your car accident information the insurance company will look at the amount of property damage (damage to your car from the car accident), medical bills and medical records then place a value on your car accident case.

    That is the reserve amount. For example, if your property damage is $3,000 and your medical bills are $5,000, the company might value the case at $10,000. The job of the car accident attorney is to evaluate the reserve value and take steps to increase the reserve value for your car accident.

    This can be done by giving the adjuster photographs of your property damage and photographs of your injuries (i.e. bruising, scars or burns) and by helping you create a log of time missed from work due to your car accident.

    The car accident attorney can make a point of showing the adjuster important sections of your medical records that demonstrate your pain and suffering. Car accident attorneys can also elicit witness testimony that the adjuster might not know about or the adjuster might not try to obtain regarding your car accident. Such witnesses can testify either about how your car accident occurred or can describe their view of your damages caused by the car accident.

    The job of the Albuquerque car accident lawyer is to raise the original reserve value that was initially given on your car accident. An adjuster can get stuck on the initial reserve number being the number on which the insurance company will settle your car accident case. The car accident attorney can and will change the adjuster’s mind so that the reserve value is increased for your car accident.

  4. If you were in a car accident in Albuquerque, you need an experienced Albuquerque car accident attorney. You know by watching or listening to the news or just by talking with family, co-workers and friends, car accidents happen at alarmingly high rate in Albuquerque. However, you may not know that Albuquerque is known for paying low values in car accident cases. An Albuquerque car accident attorney can increase the value of the car reserve for your car accident. When you hire a car accident attorney, insurance companies know the case is going to cost them substantially more. Litigation costs alone on a car accident case will be a minimum of $3,000. The spectre of litigation costs raise the amount the insurance company will pay for your car accident case.
  5. Immediately seek medical attention for injuries you received in your car accident. You may have just been hit by a 6,000+ pound car or truck. No matter how busy you are, go to the prescribed treatment for injuries you sustained in your car accident. Do not put off treatment after your car accident. Your medical treatment for the injuries you received in your car accident are legitimate expenses and increase the value of your car accident case. If you need and do not get treatment immediately, not only is your health and recovery affected but the value of your car accident case is also significantly affected.
Things You Need to Know If You Have Been in a Car Accident
  • Do not talk to the insurance company about your car accident without your attorney. Even if you haven’t contacted your attorney yet and the insurance company calls you, tell the insurance company you will wait to give your statement about your car accident with your attorney period.
  • Do not post any comments or items on Facebook or other social media about being in a car accident. It will hurt the value of your car accident case.
  • If you lose time from work because of your car accident, make sure you document that time off (including doctor’s appointments or days you could not go to work due to pain).

If you were in a car accident in Albuquerque, you need an experienced lawyer. The Branch Law Firm can help you get maximum recovery for your car accident. For a free consultation call us at 800-828-4529 or fill out our online form and we will contact you.

Client Reviews
"The Branch Law Firm was very professional and very understanding when it came to handling my car accident. I was very happy with the end result!" Yngwee
"Thank you Kelly for all the hard work you did on my behalf. Without the Branch Law Firm, I would not have been compensated." Frank
"I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have put into my case and the outcome was more than I ever expected." Lennie