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Spinal cord injuries happen in a variety of ways throughout the Albuquerque area. Unfortunately, these injuries can lead to significant long-term expenses. At the Branch Law Firm, we are here to help if you need a spinal cord injury attorney by your side. We understand personal injury law we have the resources needed to help injury victims secure the compensation they need. Let us get to work by offering a free consultation today.

Why Choose the Branch Law Firm?

How Spinal Cord Injuries Happen in Albuquerque?

Spinal cord injuries occur in a wide variety of ways throughout the Albuquerque area. When we examine information available from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center (NSCISC), we can see that vehicle accidents have been the cause of approximately 37% of all spinal cord injuries across the country since 2015. This includes incidents not only involving traditional passenger vehicles but also crashes involving commercial trucks, passenger buses, motorcycles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

In addition to spinal cord injuries caused by vehicle accidents, these incidents also occur as a result of falls from varying heights, acts of violence, sports injuries, as well as surgical or medical mistakes. Spinal cord injuries can occur anywhere, and they can happen to individuals of all ages. The NSCISC states that there are approximately 18,000 new spinal cord injury cases that occur each year across the country, and there are currently around 300,000 individuals living with spinal cord injuries in the US.

Types of Compensation Available for a Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal cord injury victims in Albuquerque are often able to recover a significant amount of compensation if another individual or entity caused their injury. It is crucial to take into account the long-term effects of spinal cord injuries, including the necessary medical treatment as well as lost wages and modifications to homes or vehicles.

At the Branch Law Firm, our team works diligently to recover as much compensation as possible for every spinal cord injury victim that we help. This includes economic and non-economic compensation, such as the following:

It is also crucial to examine various types of pain and suffering damages. Spinal cord injury victims are likely to undergo significant lifestyle changes, and this can be devastating for victims and their families. We strive to recover compensation for spinal cord injury victims’ emotional and psychological pain and suffering, their physical pain and suffering, as well as their loss of quality of life.

Proving Liability After a Spinal Injury

Determining liability after a spinal cord injury is crucial. There must be significant evidence showing that another party caused the injury in order for a case to be successful and for a client to recover the compensation they are entitled to. The goal is to show the negligence of another party, which means establishing that the defendant (the person alleged to have caused the injury) owed a duty of care to the plaintiff (spinal cord injury victim). They must be shown that the defendant breached their duty of care somehow and that this breach led to the injury.

There are various types of evidence that can be gathered to prove liability, though the types of evidence will depend on the circumstances related to each particular claim. This evidence can include photographs taken at the scene of the incident, video surveillance from nearby cameras, statements taken from eyewitnesses, and more.

It is crucial to work with a skilled spinal cord injury lawyer in Albuquerque who has experience handling every aspect of these claims. A catastrophic injury case can be challenging, and you can be sure that the other party, their insurance carrier, and any legal teams will push back against having to pay compensation. A thorough investigation can unturn the evidence needed to prove liability.

How Much Does a Spinal Cord Injury Cost?

At the Branch Law Firm, we are proud to help spinal cord injury victims in Albuquerque move forward with their claims against other parties, regardless of their current financial status. We handle catastrophic injury claims on a contingency fee basis. This means a few things. First, spinal cord injury victims never have to worry about paying upfront or ongoing costs for their claims. We handle the cost of the investigation, filing the claim, and every aspect of preparing for a trial.

Second, clients will not pay any legal fee until after we successfully recover the compensation they are entitled to. They will pay an agreed-upon percentage of the final settlement or jury verdict. However, if we do not win the claim, the client will pay no legal fees at all.

Call an Albuquerque Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Today

If you or someone you care about has sustained a spinal cord injury caused by the careless or negligent actions of another person in the Albuquerque area, turn to the Branch Law Firm today. We want to make sure that you are treated fairly every step of the way, and we have the resources to help. Let us secure the compensation you need to get through this catastrophic injury. When you need an Albuquerque spinal cord injury attorney, reach out to us for a free consultation of your claim by filling out our contact form or calling (800) 828-4529.

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