Branch Law Firm Representing Farmington Family in Lawsuit Against Presbyterian Hospital Regarding Pediatric Surgeon Arrested for Child Pornography

Albuquerque, NM, January 13, 2017 – The Branch Law Firm, a nationally known plaintiff’s firm based in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, New Mexico with experience in catastrophic injury and wrongful death cases, announced today that it has filed the first lawsuit against Albuquerque’s Presbyterian Hospital relating to the hospital’s former employee who was arrested on child pornography charges in November 2016.

The lawsuit alleges that Dr. Guy Rosenschein, a pediatric surgeon employed by Presbyterian Hospital in Albuquerque, may have offensively touched and took pictures of the genital area of a minor from Farmington, New Mexico. This month, the minor’s family learned that law enforcement discovered a trove of photos of the genital areas of patients of Dr. Rosenschein in a hospital setting. The minor’s family is distressed that their daughter is likely among those patients. Their lawsuit asserts claims against Dr. Rosenschein as well as Presbyterian Healthcare Services, the parent company of Presbyterian Hospital, for negligence, patient abandonment, assault, and infliction of emotional distress.

“Dr. Rosenschein is a disturbed individual who will be held accountable for his reprehensible conduct. However, the actions and/or omissions by Presbyterian should not be ignored. Presbyterian employed this predator and provided him complete and unfettered access to pediatric patients,” stated Margaret M. Branch of the Branch Law Firm.

Additionally, Presbyterian abandoned the minor patient in that the minor required a follow-up to Dr. Rosenschein’s initial surgery and, since Dr. Rosenschein was unavailable, Presbyterian failed to provide a follow-up surgeon and thus left the parents and the minor without recourse for medical care. The minor has only one kidney and, during the interim delay, developed a massive infection which could have been avoided had Presbyterian acted properly.

The lawsuit was filed on January 13, 2017, in the Second Judicial District Court; Bernalillo County.

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