Category: Health Care Reform

Malpractice “Reforms” Unrelated To The Practice Of Defensive Medicine

In direct contradiction to claims that medical malpractice caps are necessary on pain and suffering in order to reduce the costs of doctors practicing “defensive medicine, ” a recent study released in the policy journal Health Affairs found that many of the popular proposals suggested for reducing medical malpractice are unrelated to the practice of… read more

Grants Awarded To Study Medical Malpractice

Last week the Department of Health and Human Services announced millions of dollars in grants to states to address medical malpractice. These grants will go to state health departments, universities, and medical centers for demonstration projects designed to reduce injuries, decrease the numbers of lawsuits, improve doctor/patient communication, and lower liability insurance premiums. These funds… read more

New Mexico Medical Malpractice – Tort Reforms Hurts Those Most In Need

On Monday, the U.S. Senate began debating the historical health care plan designed to reform the nation’s health care system by changing the way insurance companies do business. Senator Henry Reid’s (D-Nev) bill will provide much-needed reform and assistance to the millions of Americans who pay exorbitant fees for health care coverage, are denied coverage… read more