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New Reports Cite Safety Concerns Regarding Use Of Shoulder Pain Pumps

A previously issued report on the Anesthesiology News website indicated that shoulder pain pumps – pumps used to deliver intra-articular pain medication during surgery – may be causing more harm than good. Anesthesiology News joins the New York Times, the FDA, and hundreds of patients nationwide citing the potential for devastating and long-term shoulder injuries… read more

New Mexico Medical Devices – Studies Link Pain Pumps To Cartilage Deterioration

On January 22, an Oregon jury awarded a chondrolysis patient nearly $5.5 million in compensation. According to New York Times, more than 150 such lawsuits are currently making their way through the court system. Chondrolysis is a rare ailment in which joint cartilage dies, resulting in bone grinding on bone. Many times this surgery affects… read more