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How Do You Prove Liability for a Dangerous Drugs Lawsuit? 


Millions of Americans depend on medications to help them become healthy or remain healthy. Unfortunately, there are times when some medications are defective and cause significant illnesses and even death. When a person is harmed due to a dangerous medication, they may be able to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or retailer to recover… read more

How Do Dangerous Drugs Lead To Lawsuits?


Even though millions of Americans rely on medications each day, there are times when individuals sustain significant harm as a result of a dangerous drug. Sometimes, these medications are prescription, but they can also be harmful over-the-counter medications. Here, we want to discuss how dangerous drugs lead to lawsuits by consumers as they seek to… read more

Study Reveals Propecia May Cause Persistent Sexual Dysfunction

Recent reports have linked finasteride – marketed as Propecia – with persistent and possibly irreversible sexual dysfunction. Propecia, which treats hair loss, works by decreasing the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that causes hair loss. In fact, doctors have known for years that Propecia has been linked to sexual problems including impotence, but… read more

Topamax Recall After Reports Of Unusual Odors

Johnson & Johnson has issued a Topamax recall after receiving complaints about an unusual odor linked to a byproduct from a chemical used in treating wood. Sources believe the contamination may have occurred as a result of the way medication is shipped and stored. Topamax has recently come under fire after the FDA issued warnings… read more

Topamax Linked To Birth Defects

The New York Times reports that Topamax, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, has been linked to birth defects, such as a higher risk of developing cleft lips and palates, genital malformations, and cranial malformations. Topamax is an anti-seizure and migraine drug used in the treatment of migraines and epilepsy. It is also used in the… read more

Medical Malpractice Reform Should Focus On Patient Safety

Medical Malpractice reform has been receiving much attention recently with the introduction of H.R. 5, which seeks to impose national tort reform measures, including the imposition of caps on non-economic damages as well as potentially taking away the right to trial by jury in some medical malpractice cases. As New Mexico medical malpractice lawyers, we… read more