Congress Considers National Concussion Legislation

Recent reports have highlighted the growing concern that student-athletes are being pushed too quickly to return to the game after receiving a concussion. Concussions – or traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) – result from blunt trauma to the head. Commonly occurring after car accidents or other types of injury accidents, the harm to the brain is the same. Those who suffer from TBIs experience dizziness, loss of concentration, short-term memory lapses, and even speech and cognitive delays.

In order to address the concern that those students who suffer TBIs are being forced to reenter the game too quickly, New Mexico, along with several other states have laws that require athletes to be removed from play or practice if a concussion is suspected.

Congress has now begun holding hearings to determine whether a federal concussion law is warranted.

As Albuquerque brain injury attorneys, we’ve seen firsthand the devastating effects of TBIs. Although once these injuries were seen as an acceptable risk of participation, increasing evidence has shown that concussions are often the beginning of a debilitating process that can last a lifetime and require long-term care.

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