Medical Malpractice Highest in July

Preventable medical errors are the sixth biggest killer in America and account for an estimated 98,000 deaths in the United States each year. A new study has found that the number of medical mistakes per month is fairly steady – except for in July when the error rate goes up nearly 10 percent.

This increase in medical error rate also corresponds to the influx of newly graduated doctors who are admitted to work in teaching hospitals. The study finds ‘the great the number of teaching hospitals, the greater the July Effect for ..[fatal] medication errors.” Much anecdotal evidence supports the so-called “July Effect, ” but this is the first study to provide concrete results. One of the disturbing conclusions found significantly higher numbers of deaths due to medication error, even when resident’s hours were decreased.

As New Mexico medical malpractice attorneys, we believe medical errors should never occur. Now evidence shows that July – when new doctors receive training by working on us – is an even more frightening and dangerous time to head to the hospital. Hospitals must do more to ensure our safety.

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