Common Car Accident Injuries to Keep an Eye On 


After a car accident, a visit to the emergency room is typically essential. Many times, the most noticeable losses and injuries a person has are caught right away and treated. However, some injuries can take longer to become apparent, and when they do, you may need medical support right away. You should know about some common car accident injuries you need to keep an eye on.

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Common Injuries That May Not be Noticeable Right After a Car Accident

The medical concerns you have can worsen over time. Other times, you may have new symptoms. You should not ignore the following injuries, especially if they are new or worsening.

Headaches and Dizziness

Both of these symptoms are common after car accidents due to the damage that can occur to the brain. Most often, these are signs of a concussion, and yet they may not be instantly noticeable right after an accident. In some situations, significant injury to the brain can also occur in a car accident, and that can lead to these symptoms.

Neck and Shoulder Pain

When you are hit in a car accident, your body jolts forward rapidly and is thrown back due to gravity. This creates intense stretching of the muscles, ligaments, and tendons in your neck, shoulders, arm, and upper back. The adrenaline in your body keeps you from feeling this pain initially, but within a few days, you could develop such intense pain that you feel like you cannot move normally. This is an indication that you may have a back injury or a condition like whiplash that warrants treatment.

Back Pain 

Back pain can occur in any area of the spine. Though many people say they have a backache, when that pain is debilitating, you absolutely should not put off getting to the doctor. We also recommend seeing your doctor if this is a new pain or a new type of pain level for you. After a car accident, the spinal column can be impacted, causing a misalignment that could create injury to the nerves in your spinal column.

Numbness, Tingling, Swelling, or Stiffness

Any area of your body may develop complications like these, and all need to be considered carefully. In some cases, the pain you feel is muscle soreness from the injuries you have. Other times, it could indicate something else is wrong. Tingling and numbness may suggest that there is damage to a nerve in your spine. Stiffness and swelling can indicate a broken bone, a torn muscle, or other complications. If you have new abdominal pain or discomfort, that could indicate internal bleeding.

All of these conditions warrant a trip back to the emergency room. Do not put off getting that help.

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