5 Dangerous Albuquerque Intersections

The following is a guest post from the Illinois personal injury attorneys of Dolan Law Offices:

With Memorial Day Weekend behind us, it is time to reflect on the busy summer driving season. The summer months are notoriously the worst for drunk driving accidents in New Mexico and across the nation.

This year the DWI Resource Center worked with the Albuquerque Police and the New Mexico State Police to identify the 5 Albuquerque intersections most likely to have DWI crashes. With the aid of a computer program, the DWI Resource Center looked at data such as the history of drunk driving accidents that caused personal injuries, the proximity of bars and liquor stores, and traffic patterns.*

Using this information, they found that the top 5 likely locations for Albuquerque DWI accidents over the holiday weekend were:

  1. Wyoming and Montgomery;
  2. Central and Coors;
  3. Coors and Blake;
  4. Coors and Quail; and 5.Menaul and Carlisle.

While this data is useful and allows police to better plan sobriety checkpoints and to help the public avoid personal injury accidents, drunk driving accidents will continue to occur. Accidents can happen anywhere at any time. It is important to remain vigilant about the drivers around you in order to avoid the significant injuries, and devastating fatalities, that can result from a drunk driving accident. If you are in an accident then it is important to contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect your rights and to discuss your potential recovery.

Dolan Law Offices provides representation to people hurt in drunk driving accidents and other personal injury accidents throughout the state of Illinois.

*Source: www.KRQE.com “Alcohol-Related Crash Holiday Hot Spots” by Ian Schwartz, May 29, 2010