Depuy Hip Recall Cases Escalate

Every day more and more cases are reported of patients injured after being fitted with the Depuy hip – an artificial hip replacement. According to reports, metal shards may break off of the hip replacement and lodge themselves in patients’ bodies after being fitted. Although sometimes the problem can be resolved with subsequent surgery – many times permanent bone and tissue damage occur. As one patient described, “It [the hip replacement] had been rotting away and I had been rotting away around it.”

As a result of the malfunction, more than 93,000 implants have been recalled.

Sadly, medical devices often are placed on the market – and in our bodies – either without full knowledge of the risks and danger of serious injury or death to patients or sometimes, in spite of this risk.

In the Depuy hip implant cases, many doctors, as well as the manufacturer, continue to exploit patients who placed their trust in these devices. In certain instances, Depuy is paying surgeons who perform the necessary “revision” surgery removing the faulty device to have patients sign over the implant to them – and feeling obliged to follow doctor’s orders, patients do so. However, in doing so, a patient may lose the only evidence of the faulty medical device and reduce the chances of proving a product defect. If you are asked to sign anything – politely decline. Your health care insurer is obligated to pay, and you are entitled to the procedure without having to sign any documents.

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