Senate To Begin Investigation Of DePuy Hip Safety

This week the U.S Senate will begin its probe into medical device recalls and the connection between the massive DePuy Hip Replacement recall and the FDA’s role in “protecting patient safety as part of the medical device approval process.”

The DePuy Hip was recalled after numerous reports of metal shards breaking off the hip replacement and lodging themselves in patients’ bodies. Although in many cases revision surgeries can correct the problem, many times permanent bone and tissue damage will occur.

If you have been fitted with a DePuy Hip, contact a knowledgeable DePuy ASR Hip System recall attorney. It is important to speak with an attorney to review your medical records and reports in order to determine the next best steps on your behalf.

Lawsuits have been filed in New Mexico and across the county accusing DePuy of manufacturing a defective product, failing to adequately warn doctors and patients of the potential for harm, and negligence.

Far too often, patients suffer when dangerous medical devices are approved without sufficient oversight. Concerning the DePuy Hip, the senate committee has previously determined that, “Internal reviews by FDA officials and outside sources have found troubling lapses in the procedures by which a number of the medical devices were approved.”

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