Zimmer Durom Cup Lawsuits On The Rise

The Zimmer Durom Cup, also known as the Zimmer Durom Acetabular Component, was introduced in the U.S. in 2006 and meant to be an improvement over traditional hip replacement components. Instead of using screws, cement, or epoxy to secure the Cup, the Cup was intended to bond to the patient’s hip socket as bone grows into the device’s shell.

However, almost as soon as the Durom Cup was introduced, problems with the hip replacement components began. Rather than being an improvement over previous hip replacement components, the Cup has been linked to serious problems, including excruciating pain requiring additional hip replacement surgery. Often, the bone doesn’t grow into the device correctly and the metal socket loosens and separates, grinding against the bone as it moves.

As a result, lawsuits against Zimmer Holdings Inc. are on the rise. These lawsuits allege both that the hip replacement system is defective and that Zimmer failed to provide adequate warning or instructions about the proper use and the proper techniques for implantation.

Despite a brief suspension of the sale of the Zimmer Durom Cup in 2008, Zimmer continues to manufacture and sell these components and remains a dominant force in the hip replacement market.

As dedicated medical device attorneys, we believe Zimmer should remove these dangerous products from the market.

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