Zimmer Introduces New Tool For Use In Defective Knee Revision Surgeries

Zimmer Holdings – maker of the defective Zimmer NexGen knee replacements – has recently announced that it has developed a complete set of Trabecular Metal material augmented shapes and cones to be used in knee revision surgeries.

These new augments are intended to fill any size bone defects detected while performing surgery and supposed to provide structural replacement of the bone even in the most critical knee revision surgeries.

Although this is good news for the numerous patients who suffer problems after receiving the Zimmer NexGen knee it is unfortunate that the need for revision surgeries exists at all. Over the last several months the FDA, as well as numerous physicians, have urged a recall of the Zimmer NexGen Knee due to serious problems and component failures in the knee replacements necessitating additional surgeries.

As New Mexico personal injury lawyers, we are hopeful the new components will provide the relief needed to those patients requiring additional revision surgeries.

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